Thanksgiving: a day dedicated to gratitude.  This is the one day that family and friends gather to celebrate the blessings in their lives, including this incredible place we call home. Take advantage of this this gathering and do something fun everyone can enjoy, even the Thanksgiving cook!

Take A Walk

take a walk kids

A visit to a local park is always a fun trip for everyone. While many indoor attractions may be closed on Thanksgiving day, you can always count on your parks being open. Take this opportunity to explore them!

Play In the Snow

tubing in snow


Everyone is captivated by the scenery of a Winter Wonderland and it really gets you in the mood to celebrate the holidays. If you have access to a sledding area, it’s certainly one of the best places to take the whole family. This can also be fun for your friends with physical disabilities.  Call you local sledding center for information about accessible slopes. The exhilaration that comes from screaming down the hill with the wind in your face is sure to bring laughter and smiles to everyone.

Ride the Ferry

sea-orca-ferry (1)

Not everyone in your family may be up for kayaking or canoeing, but you can still get them out in the water by riding a ferry. Enjoy the views from the water and breath in that salty air. Watch for marine life, play cards together, and sip a hot cup of coffee. Bring along camera’s for all the kids and make a game of who can capture the best picture. In our part of the world, we can sometimes see Orcas or bald eagles following along. The ferry is an accessible trip for everyone!


HAPPY THANKSGIVING from our Campika family to yours. Campika: Get prepared. Get Outdoors.

In the comments below, tell us some of your favorite outdoor activities to do over the holidays.