Every year it’s the same old stuff: flowers and chocolate, chocolate and flowers. Flowers wilt and now cost as least twice as much as they did last month. Chocolates are also pricey this time of year and don’t help ‘s anyone’s diet. If you’re like me, you’ve waited until now to even think about St. Valentine’s Day, when it’s far too late to get even a restaurant reservation. Not to worry, Campika’s original St. Valentine’s Day date recommendations are made for romance; they’ll not only get you outdoors, they’ll get you that Valentine’s Day kiss!


1. Ice Skating

ice skaters

For between $5-$25 there’s plenty of opportunity for holding hands and getting close as you skate around your local ice rink. Don’t know how to skate? Great! You’ll get to learn something new together or at least have a convenient excuse to hold on tight to your partner.

2. Snowshoeing


Get out in the crisp winter air that makes for rosy cheeks. Walk along a snowy trail through a peaceful, winter landscape. It’s the perfect setting for an intimate adventure with the one you love. You’ll leave the hectic world behind, and open up to the sights and sounds of nature and of one another. You can rent snowshoes at most operators that have snow shoeing trails or from most shops that rent skis/snowboards.

3. Hot Springs


Relax together in a hot spring. The warm mineral-rich water will melt your cares away. You may be surprised to find that there’s a state or National Park with a hot spring near you. Sol Duc Hot Springs in Olympic National Park in Washington and Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas are just a few.

4. Picnic


Whether it’s at the beach, your local park, or at an arboretum, by picnicking you’ll avoid the noise of crowded restaurants, as well as their overpriced menu. Pack a picnic basket with all of your love’s favorites. Have fun sharing great food and even better conversation, as you cuddle together and watch the sunset.

5. Canoeing



Time to head out to the lake and rent a canoe for two! Floating along in the water, you’ll appreciate the beautiful scenery from a new perspective. Row together and zig-zag your way through the lily pads stopping to examine sunbathing turtles or jumping fish. You’ll know when the time is right to lean in for that Valentine’s smooch.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!