With Christmas right around the corner, you can still order what you need on Amazon to receive them by Christmas. If you’re still looking for that last minute gift for the outdoor adventurer in your life, here’s our top five suggestions:


10 in 1 Multi Tool


When you’re on your outdoor adventures, sometimes things fall apart. That’s why it’s handy to have the Simian Screwdriver Autoloading Ratchet Multi Tool. Ten different screws and wrenches that can help you on the mountain, on the bike trail, or out on the water. 


Bike Computer


Got a biker in your life? Got a bike? The MeasuPro Wireless Bicycle Computer is a multi use device that can be mounted to your handlebars and wrist. It’s wireless connection makes it hassle free and can be used as a speedometer, timer, odometer, and calorie tracker.





Carabiners are handy little tools that can be used on almost every activity. Used mainly for mountain climbing, they also have many other possibilities. Strap your water bottle to your bag. Cary many smaller bags together. Use it as a key ring. It’s a versatile tool.

Backpacking Stove


Cooking outside is one of the great pleasures that comes with camping. Devices like the Etekcity Camping Stove
make it that much easier. This handy stoves weighs around 0.2 pounds but can is made from stainless steel and an aluminum allow. Perfect for light backpacking and cooking in the wilderness.

Packable Rain Jacket


Being prepared for your outdoor adventure is always a good idea. And if you live in a place where rain is a common occurrence, like Campika’s own Western Washington, packing away a rain jacket is a good investment.  A packable rain jacket will fit in any small bag so no need to regret bringing it if it doesn’t rain.

Hopefully these ideas helped you find that right present for that outdoors adventurer in your life. Campika wishes you have a safe and happy holidays. And we hope to see you outside soon.

Let us know in the comment below what outdoor items you’re hoping to get this year.