helmet 1The ski season started and I didn’t have a helmet that fit me properly. After writing about the necessity of helmets in my last article, I realized how ironic it was that I didn’t have a helmet that fits my own fat head properly. Luckily, mom came to the rescue and gifted me a Burton Anon Thompson Helmet. My last helmet was too small and the strap choked me.  Fortunately, the Anon Thompson helmet comes in an extra large model and it fits perfectly on my big head.

helmet 2

One of the “cooler” aspects about the Burton Anon Thompson helmet is the slide in the back which opens vents on the top of the helmet. It allows your head to breathe while keeping your ears and other parts warm. This is a great feature for those of you who tend to get hot while boarding, like me.

Other features of the helmet include a simple hook on the back which is great for hooking on your goggles; much easier than having to snap and un-snap a button like on other helmets. A dial on the back allows you to adjust the tightness of the helmet around your head. The ear pads are comfortable and leave enough space to wear ear bud headphones. The chin strap uses a slide clip that is much easier to operate with gloves on than other designs. Overall it’s a very comfortable helmet that allows your head to breathe without sacrificing durability. If you’re looking to protect your head or to protect your adult child’s head like my mom, I highly recommend the Burton Anon Thompson Helmet.